Lil Wayne Gives 'Tha Carter V' New Release Date, Says It Will Be Split into Two Parts

Lil Wayne Gives 'Tha Carter V' New Release Date, Says It Will Be Split into Two Parts
While the promised due date to Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V passed us by yesterday (October 28), the Young Money/Cash Money has now revealed he's racked up enough material for the project to split it up into two parts. If all goes according to plan, the first instalment arrives December 9.

A video blog posted yesterday from Weezy has him apologizing for the recently reported delay, joking that he had been skateboarding too much to finish Tha Carter V. Following this, he adds that he's actually been putting a ton of legwork into the album, leading to the overflow of tracks and the decision to release Tha Carter V in two parts.

"Honestly, I been working hard every motherfucking day on this album and this album mean a whole lot to me," Wayne says in the clip. "I know the real fans out there, it means a whole lot to them too. I kind of refuse to cheat them and just give them anything rushed. I recorded so many songs we had to come up with an idea or a way to get all the music out there and not just 13 songs or 12 songs."

Pointing to a computer screen in the recording studio, he suggests he's got somewhere in the neighbourhood of 31 songs for a tentative tracklist. Curiously, he repeatedly mentions how he doesn't want to cheat his fans by only issuing half of an album. It's unclear if this means that part one of Tha Carter V, due December 9, will feature 31 songs.

It will, though, include the new track "Gotti" featuring the Lox, which he shared this morning. You can hear the track at the bottom of the page.

He gets quite enthusiastic talking about the expanded project, noting he's in love with what he's cooked up so far and that "if you don't fucking love it, then you don't fucking love love." You can watch the clip below.