Lil Wayne Busted for Contraband in Jail

Lil Wayne Busted for Contraband in Jail
Here's a thought: if you're going to bring contraband into prison, don't tell the world's biggest music magazine your plans to do just that. It might give authorities reason to believe you're, you know, going to bring contraband into prison. But so it goes with the latest saga in Lil Wayne's comically blunderous prison tale.

The rapper was busted with unauthorized contraband at Rikers Island, New York City's main jail complex. The contraband in question? An MP3 player and headphones, found during a routine search.

"We found the items wrapped in an aluminum potato chip bag, in a garbage can," an anonymous source told Fox News. Inmates are allowed to purchase a standard AM/FM radio and headphones from the jail's commissary, but no MP3 players are allowed.

Lil Wayne, who is also having multiple lawsuits currently thrown at him, had told Rolling Stone before going to jail that he would have an iPod with him to help him keep making music behind bars.

"I'll have an iPod, and I'll make sure they keep sending me beats," he told Rolling Stone, reports Fox News.

Another MP3 player was found in a neighbouring inmate's cell; the two have been separated and "some discipline can follow," the source told Fox News, adding that the rapper's MP3 player wasn't actually an iPod.

Lil Wayne, who is in jail for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, has been charged with possession of contraband, but it's not clear yet what penalties he'll face.