Lil Wayne "Mirror" (ft. Bruno Mars) (video)

Lil Wayne 'Mirror' (ft. Bruno Mars) (video)
As a rapper, rocker and businessman, Lil Wayne has tried on a few different hats over the years, but the Young Money millionaire takes a chance at the art world in his new clip for Tha Carter IV track "Mirror."

At first, we just see some paint specks on the dude as the camera cascades across his tattied torso, but Weezy gets into it, spray painting and launching buckets of paint at a massive canvas, all the while spitting atop the ballad-rap track. Bruno Mars sings the hook sitting at the top rung of a paint-soaked ladder, which, mind you, is totally unattended at the bottom. That's a safety violation right there!

The clip is capped with the big painting reveal, a seriously Jesus-y piece with the dreadlocked hip-hop star clutching a mic. Understandably, he marvels at his masterpiece while standing in a Christ pose of his own.

You can catch the bizarre art world exploration down below.