Light Thieves 'Future Colors' (album stream)

Light Thieves'Future Colors' (album stream)
They may be called Light Thieves, but the real thing this California quartet is gonna steal is your attention. Their sophomore effort Future Colors can easily be described as a painting of a car crash — maintaining the intricacy of a work of art, while smashing influences together in a such a captivating way that you simply can't turn away. The band themselves admit to pulling influences from "psych/prog to motown to punk to hip-hop," and you can hear how that sounds for yourself right now, as Exclaim! is streaming the album a full week ahead of its release.

It's a generous gift to fans, since the more time you have to wrap your head around this monster, the better. The group's crossover approach to music makes listeners feel like they're floating — whether into a tank of water, through the air or even into outer space, it's definitely a surreal feeling, and this is the soundtrack to match.

Float on into the album stream below, to hear it before it's out this Friday (March 10) via Gotta Groove Records. If you dig what you hear, you can snag your own copy here.