Lemuria "Brilliant Dancer"

Lemuria 'Brilliant Dancer'
When Buffalo, NY's Lemuria announced their The Distance Is So Big LP last week, they neglected to offer up any indie-pop-inflected teaser tracks, but the band have now come through with a stream of the record's "Brilliant Dancer."

As you can hear in the stream down below, the song starts off as a lightly swung affair full of pianos and Sheena Ozzella's twee vocal chirrups, but the arrangement gets punched up with cascading drum fills, boy/girl tradeoff vocals about the titular character and some big ol' rock chords.

As previously reported, the J. Robbins-produced The Distance Is So Bigdrops June 18 via Bridge 9. A 7-inch of "Brilliant Dancer" arrives ahead of the LP on May 21, also on Bridge 9.