Lemonade Return with 'Minus Tide'

Lemonade Return with 'Minus Tide'
Lemonade's 2012 album Diver earned Exclaim!'s Mark of Excellence, and now the electronic trio are ready to follow it up with Minus Tide. It will be out on September 9 through Cascine.

That's the cover artwork above and the tracklist below. An announcement promises lots of "high-polish pop sounds," "tribal drum patterns" and "tropical soundscapes." The album is said to be "a collection of tracks that contemplate the sync of natural cycles, the eternal allure of wide open spaces and the belief that freedom can still be experienced within the confining grids of urban life."

For a taste of what this sounds like, scroll down to hear opening cut "Stepping," which is full of thumping drum machines, watery synth bloops and hazy pop melodies.

Vinyl copies of the album can be ordered here. The first 150 U.S. orders come on clear vinyl.

Minus Tide:

1. Stepping

2. Durutti Shores

3. Clearest

4. Water-Colored Visions

5. Reaches
6. Awake

7. Orchid Bloom

8. Come Down Softly

9. OST

10. Minus Tide