Lamb of God Resolution

Lamb of GodResolution
Three years after the release of their critically acclaimed and commercially successful Wrath, New Wave of American Heavy Metal leaders Lamb of God return with their seventh album, Resolution. Once again working with Wrath producer Josh Wilbur, the Richmond, VA five-piece have gone a little further out of their comfort zone with Resolution. The record is their most musically ambitious to date, while still maintaining the unrelenting, thrash-influenced Southern heavy metal they do best. Right from the beginning, with "Straight for the Sun," Resolution is a smack to the face, with an ominous wail from vocalist Randy Blythe and an intense sludge riff reminiscent of their Burn the Priest days. As the Palaces Burn-era style "Guilty" and the At the Gates-influenced "The Undertow" are album highlights, as is speed metal number "Visitation." But it's closer "King Me" that will have Lamb of God's loyal fans questioning their musical experimentation. The track features both a symphony and an opera singer, but while it seems like the Queensrÿche-esque addition wouldn't work with Lamb of God's signature sound, it surprisingly fits quite well, ending Resolution on an epic note. (Epic/Sony)