Mountain Divide

LakkerMountain Divide
From track to track, the Lakker take on techno has always fluctuated its focus between tight driving beats and dense atmospherics. Though their tracks never fully lose sight of either polarity, both sides of new EP Mountain Divide play to the more unhinged, ambient side of the Dublin-based duo's repertoire. The title track is dense, shearing noise pushed along by throbbing kicks as a demonic ice cream truck tune makes the rounds in the background, while "Mathfall" focuses the density into a dark, rolling dub-tinged number.

It is undoubtedly interesting stuff — Lakker are adding a certain intricacy to the dense-and-dark techno template — though on the whole, the EP leaves something to be desired. "Mountain Divide," for all its vibrating energy, feels like the intro to a much longer piece. It sets out a sonic palette that piques interest but is ultimately difficult to fully realize within the confines of a 15-minute EP. Even "Monla," the exquisite Hype Williams-esque ambient closer, could stand elaboration beyond its runtime. By leaving you wanting more, Mountain Divide does what a good EP should, but Lakker's most notable previous EPs have thrived on giving space to fully explore their unique flirtation between restrained experimentation and dance floor prowess. Mountain Divide, though interesting, ultimately flits by too briefly for totally immersion. (R&S)
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