L. Pierre 'The Island Come True' (album stream)

L. Pierre'The Island Come True' (album stream)
Aidan Moffat's latest album as L. Pierre doesn't come out for another two months, but the onetime Arab Strap frontman has already shared the entire thing online.

The 11-song The Island Come True has been condensed into a single 36-minute track for the purposes of this stream. Moffatt previously said of the scratchy, collage-like collection, "There's something beautiful in hearing the grit and hiss of old recordings. Everything sounds so clean and clinical and perfect today, but I love hearing something that sounds worn and suggests the music has a history. It's gorgeous and sad at once, as though it's lived a life and survived to tell the tale."

The Island Come True arrives on January 14 through Melodic. Pre-order it here, and read more about it here.