Kyle Bobby Dunn Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn

Kyle Bobby DunnBring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn
With ambient music it's often hard to explain why a certain work is successful whereas another seemingly similar release isn't, but it's always obvious to the listener who has mastery over the form, and Canadian expat Kyle Bobby Dunn is among them. Dunn composes a cold, isolating brand of ambience that carries ample pathos, straddling the line between positivity and melancholia. Having released at least one album per year over the past five years, as well as contributing to such noteworthy compilations as Ghostly International's SMM: Context and Moodgadget's Expanse At Low Levels, the tracks on this latest double album are compiled from several years of recordings, put together for UK label Low Point. Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn is Dunn's best work to date, consisting of a solid two hours of minimal, emotive, ambient drone that should appeal to fans of Stars of the Lid and Brian Eno. (Low Point)