Kvelertak "Evig Vandrar" (live video)

Kvelertak 'Evig Vandrar' (live video)
Kvelertak's new live video for their Meir track "Evig Vandrar" may not be as fancifully weird as the animated clip that dropped earlier this fall, but it does give us a good glimpse of the Norwegian punk-metal combo crushing it on stage.

No weird allusions to Heavy Metal or Star Wars here, just six dudes barrelling into the track's barrage of burly riffs, Southern Rock-styled licks and bashed-out beats. Leading the charge is vocalist Erlend Hjelvik, who runs his vocal cords ragged as he stomps in front of the crowd. Judging by the manic reaction, it's fist-pumper that the audience could not deny.

Test your own luck by giving it a stream down below.