Kurt Vile Mural Defaced in Philadelphia

Kurt Vile Mural Defaced in Philadelphia
Remember that cool-looking wall mural that appeared on the cover of Kurt Vile's 2013 album Wakin on a Pretty Daze? Sadly, it now only exists as a memory, since the original piece of artwork in Philadelphia's Fishtown neighbourhood has been painted over.

Local radio station The Key reports that an unidentified man rolled over many of the wall graphics with white paint this morning (June 28).

Instagram user @dasheikee captured a photo of the man in the act; the man reportedly claimed that he knew it was a commissioned piece, but said that it attracted graffiti to the neighbourhood.

See the defaced mural here. There's also a photo of the culprit's face at @dasheikee's Instagram account.

The mural was painted by locally bred artist Steve Powers (a.k.a. ESPO). Watch a video about its creation below. Vile responded to the defacing by retweeting a message referring to the whitewasher as "a terrible human."

Update: It looks like the mural will be repainted. Vile wrote on Facebook, "We're all working on plans to have it redone and updated."