Kreidler Den

Germany's Kreidler surprised a few people last year with their superb Tank album, and Den continues in a similar vein, but with less emphasis on drums and more weight on synths. Third track "Rote Wüste" is a standout and following number "Cascade" shifts things a half-decade or so forward, with '80s synth references amidst the prog and kosmische. "Moth Race" blends a sinister, soundtrack-worthy bass line with deceptively simple, bouncy keyboard work, but the biggest surprise is "Winter," with its unsettling sampling of machine-gun fire built into a frenetic beat. Den sees Kreidler moving away from pure Krautrock grooves and incorporating some new experimentation, as well as bringing back a little of the electronic textures that the band received attention for on Weekend a decade-and-a-half ago. Den is a great complement to Tank and like its predecessor, its main fault is that it's far too short. (Bureau B)