Kool Keith Announces Condom-equipped 'Total Orgasm' Box Set

Kool Keith Announces Condom-equipped 'Total Orgasm' Box Set
Kool Keith has given us a Total Orgasm three times in the last few years, and now the lusty underground rapper is collecting these mixtapes into a CD box set. It will be out through Junkadelic Music on May 12.

This is the first time these Total Orgasm mixtapes have received a physical pressing. The three collections will each appear on a separate CD with the original artwork, and the funny part is this: the set comes with a condom. Don't worry, the package is sealed!

According to a press release, "Total Orgasm is Keith at his spaciest, far more than merely another amusing oddity in his ever-expanding canon."

There are 56 tracks in all, including some very lewd titles like, ahem, "Fat Pussy," "Dick in Her Ass," "Stanky Azz Pussy" and "I Want My Dick Sucked." See the tracklist below; it includes guest appearances from U-God, Big Sche Eastwood, Prince Metropolis Known, Kidmiddi Clazz Clown and more.

The set can be ordered here.

Total Orgasm:

Total Orgasm 1:

1. The Ultra Legendary (Intro)
2. Swag
3. Fat Pussy
4. Jedi Supreme (ft. Big Sche Eastwood)
5. Acura (ft. A.G. (of D.I.T.C.)
6. R.I.P Dr Octagon (Death Certificate Remix)
7. Slam Dunk
8. Total Orgasm
9. Extra Thoughts (ft. The I.M.O)
10. Nice Nasty
11. Belly Out
12. Bootys Low (ft. Big Sche Eastwood)
13. Bobby Black
14. Prada
15. Bruce Leeroy (ft. Big Sche Eastwood)  

Total Orgasm 2:  

1. Total Orgasm 2 (Intro)
2. New York Bitches (ft. Prince Metropolis Known, Kidmiddi Clazz Clown)
3. Get It While U Can
4. Lyrical Exercise (ft. Prince Metropolis Known)
5. Ain't Sweet (ft. Shade Clock Da Rappa, Dai Burger)
6. Ass In My Face (ft. Prince Metropolis Known)
7. G - Something (ft. T-Rock, Mr. Sche)
8. Vacation Spot
9. Fly Star (ft. Prince Metropolis Known, Kidmiddi Clazz Clown)
10. Balls Out
11. Heavy Champagne (ft. U-God, Shade Clock Da Rappa)
12. Answer Phone
13. Staring My Face
14. Tears (ft. Metropolis
15. How You Want It (ft. Prince Metropolis Known)
16. Hotel Night (ft. Prince Metropolis Known)
17. MC New York
18. Tears (ft. Prince Metropolis Known)
19. Bloggers & Critics  

Total Orgasm 3:

1. Orgasmic Intro
2. Rude & Arrogant
3. Masterbate Girl (ft. Prince Metropolis Known)
4. Run This (ft. Shade Clock Da Rappa, Prince Metropolis Known)
5. Tag Team (ft. Kidmiddi Clazz Clown, Rouge)
6. Tight Pants, Skinny Legs
7. Cock (ft. Kidmiddi Clazz Clown
8. Never Pay Cheap Pussy (ft. Kidmiddi Clazz Clown)
9. All Star (ft. Mr. Klutch, Prince Metropolis Known, Sara Solo)
10. Bellytouching (ft. Kidmiddi Clazz Clown)
11. Dick in Her Ass (ft. Big Sche Eastwood)
12. Forever Mine
13. Deal Closer (ft. Prince Metropolis Known)
14. Spit, Spit, Spit
15. Stanky Azz Pussy (ft. Kidmiddi Clazz Clown, Mr. Klutch)
16. Pussy on the Beach
17. Boney
18. Fuck Em They Old Skool (ft. Prince Metropolis Known)
19. Everybody Wanna Be Pregnant
20. Talk Nasty (ft. Kidmiddi Clazz Clown)
21. Coke Monster Bomb (ft. Kidmiddi Clazz Clown)
22. I Want My Dick Sucked (ft. Kidmiddi Clazz Clown, Rouge)