Kat Goldman The Great Disappearing Act

Sometimes the things you are searching for are right under your nose. Such is the case with fresh-voiced, quirky, Toronto songstress Kat Goldman. Bumping into this disc at a local show was a happy accident and hearing her fresh, buoyant material live, and on record, is a privilege. It’s trite to describe her talents in terms of the countless other singers she recalls: Jane Siberry, Kate Bush, Shawn Colvin, Tori Amos, Suzanne Vega — although it helps to define her range. Angelic, vulnerable, personal, kooky — there’s no denying the purity of her instrument and her passion is completely audible as she follows the familiar folk-pop trail of her predecessors. The Great Disappearing Act suffers slightly from her personal search for a style to call her own. Her best songs are the simplest ones, like the intoxicating "Balloon” and the poignant "Annabel.” At the same time, opuses like "La La La Paradise” suggest a creativity that just might help break her into a larger audience. In fact, with repeated playing, all the little jewels on this too-short disc eventually find their way into your personal play list. The humorous "Everyone’s Getting Married” is a full-tilt aural barrage with blazing guitars and full drum attack yet her gentle spirit answers the call as it demonstrates her total control over any musical situation. Look for good things to come from this big character in a little body. Catch her while you can. (Independent)