Karneef Announces 'Love Between Us,' Shares Entire Album

Karneef Announces 'Love Between Us,' Shares Entire Album
Eclectic Montreal soul man Karneef previously revealed that he was hard at work on his debut album, Love Between Us, and now he's officially announced its impending release. The record is out on November 11 through Club Roll Music.

Karneef produced the record himself and, with the exception of a hired rhythm section, played nearly every instrument. According to a press release, "These last few months have witnessed Karneef assemble, disassemble and then reassemble his music and existence on multiple dimensions. His band, his live show, his songs — all evolving and reconstituting themselves in a constant wave of change — relentlessly seeking that elusive sweet spot."

Although the album isn't out until next month, the entire 13-track collection is available to stream ahead of time here at Exclaim.ca. It clocks in at just under an hour in length and is an adventurous exploration of numerous soul-tinged styles. This includes the fidgety title track, the Cadence Weapon-featuring single "So Trippy" and the futuristic instrumental synth jam "Bello4." Check these out below.

Also below, watch a music video for the slinky, horn-assisted cut "We Found Money." It was filmed in a rather cramped practice space, and features live-recorded audio of Karneef and his band.

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