Kanye West Unveils Five Album Covers for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West Unveils Five Album Covers for <i>My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy</i>
It's G.O.O.D. Friday and we're experiencing yet another onslaught of Kanye West news. Just hours after Suge Knight's $1 million dollar lawsuit against the rapper-producer was thrown out, we've now got a look at the five separate album covers for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, due out November 22.

During a live UStream conference call [via Nah Right], Kanye pulled out the CD packaging, which contains five different paintings by artist George Condo. These come on separate slips of paper, and it appears that buyers will be able to decide which album cover will be shown through a window on the outside of the case.

Four of the images have already been seen online: a ballerina; a sword going through Kanye's disembodied head; an abstract closeup of Kanye's face; and that "controversial" phoenix sex picture (which has now been pixelated). The fifth one has not emerged online, but judging from what we can see on the UStream broadcast, it appears to be a sword stuck in the ground.

Go here to see the UStream clip if you missed it. Fast-forward to the 6:50 mark to see Kanye show off the CD packaging. (Or go here for Kanye's personal package, if you know what we mean.)