Kaddisfly Buy Our Intention, We'll Buy You a Unicorn

I hope that somewhere in Southcentral Pennsylvania, Brett Detar and his fellow Juliana Theorists are, and I say this as big fan of the Juliana Theory, tucked away with this album taking notes. The second full-length from Oregon’s Kaddisfly is the perfect blend of thrash, mainstream rock and textured prog all wrapped up in post-punk emo. On the 70-minute epic Buy Our Intention, Kaddisfly have drawn on influences from Rush to Tool to 311 to U2 to Coheed & Cambria to Iron Maiden to the Mars Volta and back again. Some songs rock out, some songs are more laid back, some are delicate acoustic entries and some are all of the above. There’s nothing like keeping a listener guessing where a song is going to hold his or her interest. And hold our interest they do from start to finish with this release. A big, bold, diverse and daring album, hopefully Buy Our Intention will breathe new life into the waning emo scene. (Hopeless)