Justice "Planisphere"

Justice "Planisphere"
Justice are no strangers to this column, and I doubt today is the last time you'll see them written up in Click Hear. After a rather quiet year of mostly gigging and reveling in the overwhelming success of last year's †, the former Exclaim! cover stars recently announced they're compiling a live CD/DVD set called A Cross the Universe, slated for release in November.

I don't really care about live albums either, so the appearance of this epic 17-minute-plus corker is a nice distraction until they start talking about a new album. Custom made for Dior Homme's Spring/Summer '09 show in Paris, much like Daft Punk's mix for Louis Vuitton, "Planisphere" stays true to the 24-inch python anthems they gave us on †. You might be thinking, "17 minutes! WTF?" but it certainly has an arc to follow over its marathon time that's stuffed to the gills with histrionic guitar shredding, heavily distorted bass, that distinct signature harpsichord and relentlessly pounding beats.

It's a tad lengthy for club play but here's to hoping Justice don't shy away from more of these prog delicacies.

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"Planisphere" at work on the runway