Junkie XL to Score 'Deadpool'

Junkie XL to Score 'Deadpool'
If you've been jonesing for some more big-screen movie music from electronic music vet Junkie XL, you're in luck, as the guy has just been tapped to deliver the score for Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool.

The news came directly from Junkie XL (a.k.a. Tom Holkenborg) over Twitter, where the producer posted a pic of Marvel Comics' "Merc with a Mouth" and confirmed that he begins work on the score today (October 5).

It's been a busy year for Holkenborg. As previously reported, he delivered the score to much-loved action flick Mad Max: Fury Road, which ended up getting the deluxe soundtrack treatment from Mondo. Junkie XL has also offered up exclusive music to the recent Johnny Depp informer flick Black Mass, Liam Neeson vehicle Run All Night and more.

While set to score the fourth wall-breaking action of Project X graduate Deadpool, Holkenborg already had some superhero soundtrack work on his plate. It had previously been revealed that he'd be teaming up with composer extraordinaire Hans Zimmer for the forthcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Both films are due in 2016.