Junkie XL Booming Back At You

Dutch born musician, producer and remixer Junkie XL (or JXL, for the Parental Advisory) lives in L.A. now, producing a weird cross of electro, ’80s retro, industrial and straight-up frat boy videogame music (he’s behind the original soundtrack for SSX Blur, EA’s snowboarding game for the Wii). His latest release hopes to translate the energy of his live shows through songs like the raucous and rowdy title track. Sadly, I feel kind of empty listening to it. First single "More” is an anthem for hedonism in a world gone to hell. "1967 Poem” is hard-hitting and edgy but the tracks on Booming Back At You are hit and miss, and it feels like he put them together in an afternoon or something. Even so, the cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ "Cities In Dust” is an album highlight and "Clash” is also a very cool and new sounding track, which would be great to hear mixed into DJ sets. (Nettwerk)