Jon Brooks


Jon BrooksWalberswick
Jon Brooks is one of those artists who can't seem to take a break. He has produced dozens of library and hauntology-tinged releases under his own name and several pseudonyms, the most famous being his work for Ghost Box under the name of the Advisory Circle. His latest release, and his first for Vancouver's More Than Human Records, is Walberswick. Taking inspiration from Sarah Davachi and Todd Barton, the entire album was made on a Buchla 200e Electronic Music Box.
Rather than advancing style and melody as he does with the Advisory Circle, Brooks' focus with the Buchla is on sonic gestures and textures, pushing the minimal soundscapes into more experimental pastures. Harnessing all the power and gadgetry of that eclectic modular analog system, Brooks aurally taps a rich vein of ambient music, from the pulsing kosmische of "Pocket Fire" and the droning ambiance of "How The Land Lies" to the Boards of Canada-esque "Violet Tide" and the Pye Corner Audio-esque "My Corner (Audio)." It's synth-nerd bliss from start to finish. (More Than Human)
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