Johnny Marr Working on Screenplay and Film

Johnny Marr Working on Screenplay and Film
Johnny Marr is currently working on an autobiography, and now the former Smiths guitarist has announced plans for a couple of additional non-musical projects: a screenplay, plus a movie.

Speaking with BBC Radio 6 Music about his book, the veteran six-string slinger said, "I've got an idea for a screenplay as well that I was kicking around with somebody that may come to fruition, so when I get the book done, I want to get the screenplay done and then another record. And then I'm doing a movie as well, so I've got a lot going on."

Although he didn't elaborate on any of this, it sounds like the screenplay is an entirely separate project from the movie. There's no word as to exactly what the film is or what his role in it will be.

Fans are likely going to need to exercise some patience when waiting for al of these projects to emerge, since reports that Marr's autobiography won't be arriving until the fall of 2016 through Century. Presumably all of those other projects won't surface until after that.

Listen to the interview below. He says that the planned book with tell an "authentic" representation of his life story, with plenty of chapters