Johnny Jewel's Early Twenty Six Project Gets Unearthed

Johnny Jewel's Early Twenty Six Project Gets Unearthed
Way before Johnny Jewel became the Italo disco-inspired guru of the Italians Do It Better family, via groups like Chromatics, Desire and Glass Candy, and even before starting up the latter as a freaky glam-punk troupe, the musician performed post-rock under the name Twenty Six. The project's This Skin Is Rust was issued back in 1996, and a stack of records from the initial pressing has just been unearthed by the Bobby J Records imprint and put up for sale.

The ten-song double-LP set is available over here at Boomkat, and features a darker sound than we're accustomed to from Jewel, toting the line somewhere between ambient noise, Slint-styled post-rock and psychedelic haze. The record was tracked while Jewel lived in Humble, TX. You can check out the fuzzed-out noir piece "Unbound" in the player down below.

According to FACT, Bobby J Records owner Todd W. Ledford has more dug-up treasure to offer in the future. Other outfits issued by the imprint, which hasn't been active since 1998, include Wham-O, Low End Lars and Anne Heller. After Bobby J, Ledford went on to launch Olde English Spelling Bee, which has issued releases from the likes of James Ferraro and Ducktails.

In other Jewel-related news, the artist dropped the second instalment of his Black & White art project online yesterday (June 18). Sketches of birthday cakes, nudes and members of Chromatics juxtaposed with lyrics from the group's recent Kill For Love can be downloaded over at the Italians Do It Better blog.

This Skin Is Rust:

1. One Exit

2. Unbound

3. The Coldest Day

4. Humus

5. Twin Exits

6. This Skin Is Rust

5. Astorone

7. Circles Within Circles

8. Metal Rings

9.Wheels Within Wheels

10. To Walk Forward And Not Look Back