Johnny Depp Gets the Ball Rolling on Keith Richards Documentary

Johnny Depp Gets the Ball Rolling on Keith Richards Documentary
When he's not cranking Sunset Rubdown through his earbuds, actor Johnny Depp has been busying himself with an upcoming documentary on the life of Rolling Stones guitarist (and Pirates of the Caribbean bit actor) Keith Richards. After word of the upcoming film broke, Depp has now revealed that the production wheels are turning on the project.

While recently speaking to BBC's Jonathan Ross [via The Playlist], Depp revealed that his interviews with Richards for the film are now well under way.

"We finally had a moment, the two of us, to get together and do like a first installment, if you will," Depp said. "So basically, all it is is exactly what Keith and I have been doing over the years. Just sit around in hotel rooms, gabbing, having a drink and we documented it. So it's something we're doing together and we did five days. It went extremely well, incredible."

Depp has also said that, along with interview material, the Richards doc will contain a hefty load of archival footage. In fact, Depp said he's working on "kilometres of archive footage and footage of his concerts."

It's hard to know when this film will be done if it's only in its shooting stages. After all, Depp has a shit-ton of movies coming out, which will then be followed by awkward award show appearances. Nonetheless, the film is rumoured to be coming out in 2011.