Joe Escalante The Exclaim! Questionnaire

Joe Escalante The Exclaim! Questionnaire
Who are you?
Joe Escalante [of the Vandals].

What are you up to?
Doing press for new Vandals records, making two indie films for home video release on Kung Fu Records.

Hometown and current HQ:
Seal Beach, California; Hollywood, California.

Current fixations:

Mind altering work of art:
Tenacious D's live performance.

Most memorable/inspirational gig and why?
Vandals in a fortress/squat in Rome, 1989, outdoors at night. I felt like Russell Crowe.

What should everyone shut up about?
High school diplomas, They're worthless.

Your greatest strength/weakness:
I'm a very good matador.

Your vital daily ritual:
Watch Fox news channel, go to Kung Fu Records, answer email, do some work, go home, swim in my pool, eat, watch television, read, watch The O'Reilly Factor, go to sleep.

Guilty pleasure:
Bullfighting is as guilty and pleasureful as you can get.

If I wasn't playing music I would be…
Sometimes I feel like quitting music all together and joining the band Ten Foot Pole.

Your most memorable day job:
Supervising William Shatner and Chuck Norris at CBS TV for four years.

Best/worst advice received:
My mom told me to wear the pants in my family, good advice. My dad told me to belt her if she gets out of hand, bad advice.

I would drop everything to play a benefit for…
The English au pair chick.

What makes you want to take it off and get it on?
The Exotic Sounds Of Arthur Lyman.

What personal trait would make you kick someone out of your band and/or bed? And have you?
Drugs have been an elimination factor. If someone got a tattoo we would probably have to get rid of them.

When I think of Canada I think:
It all starts at the border. They should do something about those people.

Music and sex: Is there a difference? Why?
This is the worst question I've seen in all my 18 years in this business, congratulations.

Strangest brush with celebrity:
Two dates with Jill Whelan (TV's "Vicky" from The Love Boat). Oh and one time, I saw this homeless guy buy a ticket to get into the Cinerama Dome movie theater in Hollywood. I said to my girlfriend: "Look, that homeless guy just bought a ticket… with money!" When I got inside, it turned out to be Keanu Reeves. Thank you, good night. True story.

What does your mom wish you were doing instead?
Adidas rock.