Jeff Healey Last Call

There is no doubt that Jeff Healey was one of the greatest musicians to ever come from Canada. When he died in 2008, Healey was publicly mourned by the rock world, although in some ways it came off as disingenuous considering that Healey's electric guitar hero status seemed the least interesting aspect of his life. Last Call is a more fitting final testament, displaying the full range of his talents as a guitarist, singer and cornet player in context of this first musical love: early jazz. Accompanied only by pianist Ross Wooldridge and violinist Drew Jurecka, Healey puts his stamp on 14 of his favourite standards, such as "Pennies From Heaven" and "Autumn In New York," while attacking "Hong Kong Blues" and "Guitar Duet Stomp" with Django Reinhardt-like flair. It's hard to begrudge Healey for making his living through rock'n'roll, but if Last Call makes any sort of case, it's that these performances will still command awe long after Healey's rock songs have been forgotten. (Stony Plain)