JEFF the Brotherhood Sneaky Dee's, Toronto, ON July 23

JEFF the BrotherhoodSneaky Dee's, Toronto, ON July 23
Attempting to categorize Nashville duo JEFF the Brotherhood ends with one's mind becoming overwrought by the potential possibilities. The music churned out by this Be Your Own Pet offshoot has been called everything from Kraut-punk to psychedelic grunge to psychedelic pop punk, with the band composed of drummer Jamin Orrall and his guitarist/vocalist brother Jake most recently agreeing to embrace that last definition, albeit leaving it open to change.

Their Toronto set was an important one, as Canada has been unexplored territory for the boys up until recently. Thus, their set at Sneaky Dee's was intentionally tight, with a mixture of old tunes – like the climactic "I Don't Need Your Tas-T" from their 2005 album Castle Storm – and new tunes from their forthcoming October 6 release Heavy Days.

With this show reflecting their excitement, JEFF the Brotherhood were good to their fans. When Castle Storm hit "Noo Sixties" was requested by a crowd member, the Orralls were gracious, playing the tune even though it was clear that Jake had forgotten his lyrics. And while their Toronto set was short and the show's attendance lacklustre, JEFF made an impact, with the set ending with vehement applause and eager pleas for an encore.

Overall, JEFF's live show felt like an exhibition of endearing musical contradictions, being epic but shy, meticulous but thrown together, and witty but serious. These brothers are unassumingly talented, and their music, as well as their passion to create it, is infectious.