James William Hindle Prospect Park

After touring as a member of the Essex Green, British songsmith James William Hindle has left the Red House Painted sound of his first album behind for a much friendlier tone. His second album, Prospect Park, captures a lot of that Elephant 6 magic that acts like the Essex Green, Ladybug Transistor and the Sunshine Fix have spread over the years. So much, in fact, members of those bands have helped Hindle out as his own backing band. Keeping the faint bits of Americana heard on his debut, Hindle shines in mixing his styles without the slightest hint of change. His ear for melody has increased dramatically, with a wispy, saddened pop sound appearing as the end product. Hindle’s taste in Neil Young riffs ("Hollow Bodies”), lonely ballads ("Park Slope Song”) and delightfully buoyant pop ("Hoboken”) make for a perfect summertime mix, especially in the way they are laid out on the album. Prospect Park is simply what dreams are made of. (Badman)