Jackson Phibes Old Devil Moon

The man behind Color Me Psycho and Forbidden Dimension is back again and has gone solo. Tom Bagley, aka Jackson Phibes has been bringing high-quality scary garage rock to the masses for some time now, and he appears to have no plan to let up. The three hi-fi tracks featured on this seven-inch show a fair bit of diversity within his patented shock sound. The title track is a haunting mid-tempo chugger of a song, warning of the ill effects of the moon. Side two features “Skeleton Key” a more classic, up-tempo, hard rocking tune in the classic Phibes tradition. “Widow’s Walk” is a short, Phantom of the Opera-esque organ-driven instrumental that’s bordering on the gothic. As usual, Bagley’s amazing art graces the cover to further fill out this already solid addition to his catalogue. (Reanimator)