Jack White Unveils Third Man Records Novelty Lounge

Jack White Unveils Third Man Records Novelty Lounge
Jack White has long had a penchant for zany nicknacks, and now the garage rock icon has opened a new branch of his Third Man Records store in Nashville entirely devoted to quirky creations. The so-called Third Man Records Novelty Lounge will open this upcoming Black Friday (November 23) and boasts a selection of mostly non-musical gizmos.

One of the main attractions is a Scoptione machine, which is a music video jukebox that uses 16mm film. This particular one will contain 36 clips from the Third Man catalogue. The label adds that it's the only Scopitone machine to use hi-fi sound with a laser, rather than magnetic tape. There's also a Mold-a-Rama machine, which makes tiny plastic models of White's signature red Airline guitar, and an all-analogue photo booth.

Read more about the novelties here, and watch a comical video about the Novelty Lounge below.

Also for Black Friday, Third Man will be selling copies of a new spoken-word 7-inch as part of its Green Series (a series devoted to spoken word and instructional singles). This one features octogenarian burlesque dancer Tempest Storm, and the label says this about the unique slab of wax: "The record is a picture disc that, when coupled with some household items (flashlight, drinking glass) and not-so-household items (magical Bolt-a-Trope disc...provided!) turns into a quick keyhole peek-a-boo glimpse at the wonderful Miss Storm performing her patented tease. The effect truly needs to be seen to be believed and is in the style of one of the original 'motion picture' methods called a zoetrope."

This single will initially only be available from Third Man's retail location, but a world-wide date will be announced in due course.

Black Friday will also see the release of 100 tri-colour 7-inches of White's "I'm Shakin'," a handful of White Stripes reissues, a reprint of the White Stripes' first-ever silk-screened poster, White Stripes turntables and more.