Ion Dissonance Cast the First Stone

Ion Dissonance Cast the First Stone
Cast the First Stone marks the welcome and highly anticipated return of Ion Dissonance. Six years after their last album, Cursed, to say it's good to have them back would be a severe understatement.
Thankfully, the time away has served them well, as the Montreal death metal/mathcore band not only pick up right where they left off, but also surpass expectations with an album that is even more dynamic, menacing and chaotic than its predecessor.
Ion Dissonance's fifth album showcases the kind of technical, angular guitar work, viciously discordant rhythms and intense grooves that made 2005's Solace an instant classic. It's a relentless, anxiety-inducing attack as soon as first track "Burdens" kicks in with hostile vocals, chaotic guitars and frenetic drum blasts. This carries on throughout "The Truth Will Set You Free" and "To Expiate," while "To Lift the Dead Hand of the Past" also features an underlying, yet totally destructive, groove.
The slow "Untitled II" provides a bit of a breather before the second half of the album bounces back with harsh brutality. "Ill Will" features a particularly powerful breakdown, while "Virtue" highlights the band's knack for unpredictable structures and unorthodox tempo changes. Showcasing impeccable musicianship and songwriting throughout, Cast the First Stone summarizes everything fans know, love and appreciate about Ion Dissonance. (Good Fight)