Intercom / Minibloc Intercom / Minibloc

Le Son 666 is a brand spanking new CD-R label from Montreal and, judging by the sounds of their first two releases — these self-titled debuts from Intercom and Minibloc — it’s definitely a label worth watching. Intercom begin their full-length debut by exhibiting an instantly mesmerising sound informed by the eerie early ’70s psychedelic synth evocations of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, but quickly move on to incorporate more modern elements of electronic noise assault, glitch smattering and bass-bin vibrations. "Gai 90’s Pinto Pop” does vital-era Autechre better than the British duo do on their own latest effort, and "Nama” slurs garbled vocals over a dying accordion to create something oddly beautiful. Meanwhile, Minibloc’s 19-minute, 14-track three-inch CD-R debut relishes in the noisy randomness of electro-acoustic composition to burble, fizz and synapse itself into the base of your cortex, gradually building steam and intensity along the way. Its mixture of an often serious and pretentious medium with seemingly amusing sound antics makes for a whimsically delightful balance. (Le Son 666)