Inhale Exhale Call It Quits

Inhale Exhale Call It Quits
Cleveland-based metalcore outfit Inhale Exhale have have had a fairly productive few years, having released four full-lengths since 2006. Following last year's Movement, however, the band are closing the book on their career and calling it a day.

The breakup doesn't appear to have been acrimonious, and guitarist John LaRussa wrote in a statement on Facebook [via Lambgoat] that the band members "have become too busy with other endeavours or our hearts and minds are elsewhere."

As it currently stands, the band's August 3 performance at the Alliance Festival — a Christian music event in McDonald, PA — is slated to be their final show. It's possible that they will have a proper farewell gig, but nothing has been decided.

Read the full breakup note below:

As of right now, after touring 10+ countries, releasing 4 studio albums internationally, and shooting videos and singles and all that goes along with being in this band, Inhale Exhale is coming to an end. We will be playing Alliance Festival that we have up on our tour page, but have not said yes to any other show offers or festivals this year. We have only briefly discussed if we want to have a final show. We have become too busy with other endeavours or our hearts and minds are elsewhere.

Thankful, always for all of your support and care for Inhale Exhale. When we were on the road all the time, and when we've been off, and only communicating through our albums and online pages.

All of you that have shared your homes with us, hung out with us, sang lyrics with us, crowd surfed, had meaningful conversations (or ridiculous ones), shared your passion, joy or pain. And even your music and creative endeavours of your own. For that we thank you.

Times can be tough in a band, but it comes with the territory. It's one of the most cut throat, stuck up, brown nosed industries. There are battles where you never thought there would be, and people against you, that you never thought would be. It changes you. But we're thankful for the journey, and that we could share our passion and art with you. And we value and feel extremely blessed with the lasting relationships we've made on and off the road through IE.

I wrote in a past post that the best thing a musician that has had some success can do is be thankful and say thank you. And I stand by that. It was always shocking to us at times when we went on the road and met touring musicians that thought they were doing fans a favour by showing up or hanging out or even playing their town. It's those people and fans that came to shows supporting their local scene, participating in the show, and fellowshipping that were doing a favour for the bands, and us.

We love all of you, and truly are thankful for our time spent in this endeavour. Take some time and throw in your favourite IE album once in a while with your playlist for us.