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> > Oct 09 2012

Inhale Exhale - Movement
By Bradley Zorgdrager Metalcore has run out of steam. Not metallic hardcore, or a more hardcore-esque take thereon, but rather the melodic, yet "aggressive" "bad cop/good cop" take on the genre, with seemingly little knowledge of either metal or hardcore. Unfortunately, Inhale Exhale do nothing to breathe life into the genre. Their newest album, Movement, isn't uninspired; in fact, the band are over-inspired, desperately pulling at straws from all over to compile their mish-mash sound. Occasional moments of listenability, such as the Stray From the Path-inspired opener, "Aesthetics," and closer "Under Sheets Stained in Blood" do little to save the album from the forced nature of the remainder of the tracks. Inhale Exhale get points for trying to be different, but until they can combine their influences more smoothly with the energy of their earlier material, their good ideas will be just that.
(Red Cord)
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