Inc. No World

Inc.No World
Following in the footsteps of late '90s neo-soul crooners Maxwell and D'Angelo, the downtempo alchemists of industrially-minded duo Inc. deliver a sparkling mix of new age trip-hop and minimalist dubstep on their expansive full-length debut. The by-product of L.A. fraternal songsters Daniel and Andrew Aged, No World is a heady mix of opaque beats and Romy Madley Croft guitar lines that reverberate throughout the band's 41-minutes of modest club bangers. Starting off with the smooth, jazz-inspired keyboards and raindrop beats of album opener "The Place," the Brothers Aged run through a set of Abel Tesfaye-indebted harmonies ("Angel," "Desert Rose") and emaciated production (the synth-heavy "Careful") that never let up. But No World's best moments undoubtedly come when the young tunesmiths step away from the band's dystopic keyboards and embrace their inner guitar gods, crafting idiosyncratic loops on "Black Wings" and "No Quarter" levels of sonic-murkiness on "Lifetime." If there's one downside to this impassioned debut, it's that the boys show their hand a little too early, front-loading the album's most accessible songs and possible singles contenders over the first few tracks. But with Sade-worthy slow jams and sensual atmospherics, No World's spacious grooves will be rippling the bed sheets of bohemian boudoirs in no time. (4AD)