Iglooghost Neō Wax Bloom

IglooghostNeō Wax Bloom
Two years after his teenage debut and release of his first EP, Iglooghost is back with Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder imprint to release his debut LP, Neō Wax Bloom. Like the former, his latest release is cartoonish — both in story and sound — and has the listener following the journey of a pair of giant eyeballs that have crashed into the strange world of Mamu. Again, it sounds ridiculous, but it's entirely apt in framing Iglooghost's sound as a story.
Neō Wax Bloom is the epitome of busy, but Iglooghost is still able to produce tracks that have distinct, discernible snaps of clarity that stand out remarkably well amidst the energetic chaos: the breakneck-speed breakbeats, saxophone spiral and chipmunk vocals wedged into "Super Ink Burst," for example, or the layered richness of brass trills and plucked strings on "Sōlar Blade." "Infinite Mint" rolls in slightly out of place with its slower vibe and vocals by Cuushe, but the ending whips up unexpectedly, knocking the vocals out and starting up a stripped down, toy-piano key-clinking washout, effectively tacking on a new track that could easily stand alone if lengthened.
Neō Wax Bloom is a fantastical cartoon that's crash-landed in reality, and it begs your attention. (Brainfeeder)