Huntingtons File Under Ramones

Although there have been Ramones tribute albums by Screeching Weasel, the Queers, the Vindictives, the Mr. T Experience, Boris the Sprinkler, and a million other bands, this one stands out among the rest. In a secret laboratory located in Delaware, some kooky scientist obtained Ramones DNA and instead of cloning Ramones sheep, he/she gave birth to the Huntingtons. Simply put, the Huntingtons are the quintessential Ramones tribute band. File Under Ramones, spans the entire career of the Ramones, from their self-titled debut, right up to their departing album Adios Amigos. With buzz-saw guitar riffs, a steadily beating rhythm section, and a Joey Ramone sound-alike howling away, it’s truly uncanny how close the Huntingtons sound to the Ramones. (Tooth and Nail)