Hot Water Music Celebrate 20th Anniversary with Best-Of Vinyl Box Set

Hot Water Music Celebrate 20th Anniversary with Best-Of Vinyl Box Set
Rough-voiced Florida punk unit Hot Water Music have announced they'll be celebrating their 20th anniversary with the release of a new vinyl box set plucking fan favourites from the group's archives.

The band confirmed plans for the career retrospective, apparently called 20th Anniversary Collection, over Facebook, noting the four-LP box set "is a look into the band's storied 20 years." It features tracks from all over the band's back catalogue and is expected to land March 24.

As you'll note via the tracklisting down below, most sides focus on the seven albums from the band's career, from 1994's Fuel for the Hate Game up to 2012's Exister. The collection also includes live cuts grouped on their respective sides, and the final side on the vinyl collection presents a handful of tracks culled from various 7-inches.

You can pre-order the package, which arrives on coloured vinyl, now on Hot Water Music's web store. There, you can also pick up a deluxe bundle that includes an anniversary T-shirt and a poster.

20th Anniversary Collection:

SIDE A Fuel for the Hate Game:

1. Turnstile
2. Freightliner
3. Difference Engine

SIDE B Forever and Counting:

1. Just Don't Say Lose It
2. Better Sense
3. Manual (live version)

SIDE C No Division:

1. It's Hard to Know
2. No Division
3. Free Radio Gainseville
4. Rooftops (live version)

 SIDE D A Flight and a Crash:

1. A Flight and a Crash
2. Paper Thin
3. A Clear Line
4. Jack of all Trades

SIDE E Caution:

1. Remedy
2. Trusty Chords
3. Wayfarer
4. I Was on a Mountain

SIDE F The New What's Next:

1. All Heads Down
2. Poison
3. Giver
4. Keep It Together

SIDE G Exister:

1. Drag My Body
2. Drown In It 
3. Boy, You're Gonna Hurt Someone
4. State of Grace 

SIDE H Missing Pieces:

1. Alachua
2. Moonpies for Misfits
3. Last Goodbyes
4. Us and Chuck