The Holiday Crowd Get Set for 'Over the Bluffs' EP

The Holiday Crowd Get Set for 'Over the Bluffs' EP
Christmas and New Year's may have passed us by, but Toronto's the Holiday Crowd are set to deliver a different brand of seasonal cheer with news that they're releasing their debut outing Over the Bluffs. New Romantic will release the EP on January 24.

According to a press release, the fresh-faced unit have prepped a seven-song set of that chronicles everything from "summer afternoon camaraderie to introspective reveries," while also paying tribute to their old hood of Scarborough, ON. The album title is both a nod to a lyric in their "Tiresome" and to the region itself.

"The whole mood of the record has a Scarborough vibe to it and it only seemed fitting to name it with an honorary nod to our old stomping grounds," singer Imran Haniff said in a statement, adding that speaking of the grittiness of Scarborough felt more natural than discussing realms of make believe. "Scarborough has so much stacked against it; it almost seemed like the Holiday Crowd needed to stick up for it. There's more material lyrically to write about a place that's tangible and misunderstood than writing about Narnia or Mordor."

The bulk of Over the Bluffs was recorded and mixed at Inception Studios Toronto by David Hermiston, save for "Tiresome" and "Never Speak of It Again," which were mixed by Alex Bonenfant. You can check out a stream of the latter Smiths-style number over here.

The Holiday Crowd will be playing a record release party January 27 at Toronto's Oz Studios and you can order the release here