Hinds Leave Me Alone

HindsLeave Me Alone
In the famous words of Kanye West, Hinds "cook up summer in the winter" on their first full-length release, Leave Me Alone. The Spanish garage rockers roll out an album of fuzzy, beer-soaked jams chock full of proto-punk goodness. Reverb-laden guitars fill the record, drenching Hinds pop riffs in a spooky, surf rock texture. The laidback nature of Hinds' double-vocals throughout the record add to the playful, punky nature of the record, with vocalists singing together, back and forth and sometimes over top of one another.
"Bamboo" is one of the grooviest tracks on the record, starting with a quiet, scratchy bass riff and showcasing the fun you can have with two vocalists more than any other track on Leave Me Alone. Every line is muddled at the end by another vocalist coming in over top, sometimes starting brand new verses before the last finishes.
The charm of Leave Me Alone lies in how much fun Hinds sound like they're having here. It's contagious; every song sounds like a party, and really, isn't that what rock and roll is all about? (Mom + Pop)