Hills Like White Elephants Himalaya

If you crossed Do Make Say Think’s knack for instrumental outbursts with the Acorn’s soothing melodies, what you’d end up with is an album like Himalaya. The latest record by Edmonton’s Hills Like White Elephants boasts the band’s signature shoegazer rock wisps of layered sounds, ranging from mourning trumpets to the fairytale tinkering of xylophones to the heavy, wall-like vibrations of electric guitars. There’s really no one song that stands out on the record. Instead of boasting catchy, pop-ridden rock banters that shine with overly colourful instrumental swirls, Hills Like White Elephants escape the gaudiness all together. The songs on Himalaya simply melt and flow into the background, providing a comfortable shroud for any mindset to wrap itself in. Want something cottony soft? Then listen to "Lilliput Steps.” Want something a little more rage-driven? Then flip to "Pennantless On Homecoming.” Clearly, there’s an elephant in the room and there’s no way we can ignore it for long. (Champion City)