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High on FireLuminiferous
Oakland, CA masters of all things heavy, High on Fire, return with their seventh full-length, Luminiferous. The nine-track album, once again produced by Converge's Kurt Ballou, follows the band's stunning 2012 release, De Vermis Mysteriis. Powerful and intelligent, Luminiferous picks up where the previous record left off, as the trio of Matt Pike, Jeff Matz and Des Kensel take the album to a deeper, darker level.
Filled with dense, crushing riffs, starting with "The Black Plot," High on Fire maintain their high standard for consistently heavy music that is fierce yet focused. "Carcosa" slows things down briefly with doom-esque rhythms before tracks like the thrash-y "Slave to the Hive" and the pummelling title track bombard with fast, blazing fury and shredding guitar work. "The Cave" stands in stark contrast to the rest of the tracks, experimenting with acoustic instruments, as well as hazy psychedelic elements.
Throughout the album, Pike's vocals soar as he incorporates more melody and range while maintaining his trademark raspy, grating approach. Heavy metal at its finest, Luminiferous is a brilliant, dynamic release, showcasing High on Fire's penchant for diverse, thoughtful songwriting and impeccable musicianship. (eOne)
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