Hey Rosetta! & Yukon Blonde "Land You Love" (video)

Hey Rosetta! & Yukon Blonde "Land You Love" (video)
A whole lot of musicians are rallying against Stephen Harper in the lead-up to this month's election, and this includes tour buddies Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde, who have teamed up for an anti-Harper number called "Land You Love."

The song is a melancholy folk rock tune written by Hey Rosetta! frontman Tim Baker, and it's performed by the two bands via split-screen footage of synched-up at-home performances. Although the lyrics aren't quite as explicit as, say, Blue Rodeo's anti-Harper song, they allude to government dishonesty and the need for change.

The clip ends with a sign that says "Anything But Conservative" and a plug for the #ImagineOct20th campaign. Watch it below.

Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde's joint tour begins next month. See the schedule here.

Land You Love - Hey Rosetta! & Yukon Blonde from Phil Maloney on Vimeo.