​Here Are the Best Albums of 2016 in a Single Interactive Infographic

​Here Are the Best Albums of 2016 in a Single Interactive Infographic
If you're all caught up on Exclaim!'s Best of 2016 coverage and still looking to build on your musical collection before the new year, a massive new interactive infographic could be just the tool you need to help you out.
Rob Mitchum has created an ever-growing infographic that brings together a wide range of best-of lists. He explains that the project "started as a good way to catch albums I missed over the past year, and to have all the lists in one place for easy browsing."
The lists included in the graphic were compiled according to a few simple criteria. Each list had to be voted on by staff (not a single writer), cover multiple genres, include at least 50 albums (though only the Top 50 are included in Mitchum's data) and come form a website or magazine Mitchum deemed legitimate.
The data was then arranged so as to allow users to browse an extensive list of albums (located in the far right column); when you hover over a specific album, its position on each specific list appears.
Mitchum also provides a "music sites that liked this album also liked" section if you're still short on recommendations for your next playlist.
Now that he's done all the hard work, you might as well benefit from it as well. Just head over here to peruse the interactive, information-packed graphic.
And, of course, head over here to see Exclaim!'s Best of 2016 lists.