Henrietta Paper Wings

Henrietta Paper Wings
With their sophomore effort, Paper Wings, Orlando quartet Henrietta have produced a beautiful, emotional record that harkens back to the glory days of emo in the best way while remaining firmly in the present.
With lyrics like "So, turn the key, I hope you think of me as you drive home" ("Departures") and "Just bury me in the backyard, let the dirt hit my body and I hope I'll be happy" ("In The Back Yard"), Henrietta don't shy away from the clichés that littered the early '00s emo scene, but given their sound, anything else would seem improper, and Henrietta manage to pull off the extremely heart-on-your-sleeve song writing in an effortless, natural way.
Colin Czerwinski's guitar playing borrows enough from the Kinsella school of noodling to please fans of the more mathematical side of emo while also forging his own path, shaping and guiding the songs with his chord progressions. Title track and opener "Paper Wings" is the standout track from the record, immediately dragging the listener in and demonstrating just how much Henrietta have grown since their debut, The Trick Is Not Minding. "Departures" carries on in the same vein, whilst closer "Few Friends" is a solemn, acoustic ending for a record that's over too soon.
Calling this a full-length seems a stretch, considering Paper Wings' seven songs clock in at just shy of 24 minutes, all said, but when the only complaint is that there simply isn't enough of it, it can only be a good thing. Henrietta have hit the next level with this record, and it's incredibly exciting to think where they'll go next. (Animal Style)