Help 2 Chainz Save Christmas with New 'Dabbin' Santa' App

Help 2 Chainz Save Christmas with New 'Dabbin' Santa' App
ATL rap champ 2 Chainz is pretty familiar with festive cheer, having already blessed us this season with his own collection of ugly Christmas sweaters. But now, he's upped his holiday game with the arrival of a new mobile game called Dabbin' Santa.
If you can get your face away from your elbow for long enough to download the app, you'll be able to combine your love of popular dance crazes with taking down Grinch-like holiday bandits on a single screen.
The App Store's description of Dabbin' Santa explains that, "Bandits have come to ruin Christmas by stealing this year's presents, but Santa isn't having any of it."  Thankfully, "after consulting with his homie 2 Chainz, Santa realizes only one dance move can single-handedly thwart his evil hairy adversaries."
The move? You guessed it — the dab.
Soundtracked by 2 Chainz' "Watch Out," you can dab the bad guys out and try to help Santa save Christmas. Get the app for iOS here.
In addition to releasing Dabbin' Santa, 2 Chains also recently appeared on Good Morning America to help the show out with their "Ugly Holiday Sweater Showdown." Watch him utilize his ugly sweater expertise to judge the contestants — while sporting his own sweater featuring a dabbing' Santa — in the segment below.

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