Hellacopters Grande Rock

After months and months of hearing people tell me just how much of a sell-out the Hellacopters are for signing to Sub Pop, and just how much their new record sucks, I only have one thing to say. Fuck that. It is not Supershitty To The Max, but that was released over three years ago in the rest of the world. It ain't my fault Man’s Ruin only put it out over here last year. If you have followed the band's progression through their two full-lengths and all the singles this record will not be such a shock. It sounds like a mixture of high-octane Detroit rock of the late ‘60s (MC5, Sonic Rendezvous Band), and ‘70s stadium rock (Grand Funk, KISS). The vinyl contains a cover of Venom's "Angel Dust" as well. Grande Rock indeed. (Sub Pop)