A Hawk and a Hacksaw A Hawk and a Hacksaw

Because everyone in Athens, GA, played on a Neutral Milk Hotel track at some point in their lives there is an F key on all the computers in town that automatically adds the band's name to press releases. Jeremy Barnes (also of Bablicon) left his NMH drums at home and flew with his accordion to France to record tracks for his solo epic. A cartoon-y stew of piano, bird calls, tape splices, kazoo, bouzouki and, yes, accordion is the bubbly result. Some pieces feel like fully realised carnival/cabaret themes while others feel more like interludes while the projectionist changes reels. Barnes never overcrowds the tracks, but they are quick changing affairs, squeezing noises and melodies back to back like sleeping gypsies. Fans of the experimental side of Athens will enjoy this, while those looking for a good pop tune may be looking in the wrong place. (Cloud)