Haujobb Ninetynine

Containing trippy, gothic, ambient vibes sprinkled with simple yet elegant drum loops, electronica beats and Daniel Meir’s dreamy vocals, Ninetynine is an album for dreaming the day away. Each song drifts into the other making it the perfect background music for reading or slow dancing. Haujobb remix credits include, Front Line Assembly and Download although they don’t sound anything like these two bands. Containing no elements of industrial, which is a good thing for this goth ambient album as it wouldn’t be as soothing and have the calming effect that makes it very pleasant. Their Frames CD featured remixes by cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy/Download fame, Clock DVA’s Adi Newton and Mentallo and the Fixer, which they have most in common with sound wise. Fans of goth ambient music won’t be disappointed as this album has everything that makes this style of music so relaxing. (Metropolis)